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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

- Mary Oliver

My Story

I became a life coach in 2002 after a long and meandering search to find true happiness.

See...I had thought if I was hard-working enough or charming enough or fit enough (the list of “enough” is endless), than I’d have the things in life I wanted and I’d be happy.


Instead, what I had was nice things and an emptiness I couldn’t ignore.

But, wait. I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up and fill you in.

My first career was brief. I worked in the mental health field which was both rewarding and eye opening, but ultimately it wasn't the “right” fit for me. 


Most of my career prior to coaching was in sales at Discovery Networks - the company that owns Discovery Channel and The Learning Channel, among others.


It was a terrific job for me at the time; I was young, energetic and unmarried. Being a "road warrior" traveling to corporate client offices around the country was a rush, and I learned how to climb the corporate ladder. As I rose higher, my anxiety increased and my fulfillment decreased. But along the way, I kept catching glimpses of a more empowered way of living and contributing to the world. 

In 2001, I reached a breaking point. The stress of living out of alignment literally made me physically ill.  I was battling a secret depression and coping in all the wrong ways.  I turned 30 and was alone. And then, 9/11 happened.

When I could hardly recognize who I was anymore I decided to resign from my corporate job and take 3 months backpacking solo throughout New Zealand and the Gold Coast of Australia. 


I was resolute and my inner conviction was strong.


My mission was simple: to find my way back to me.  


Guess what? It worked.


I learned how to climb the peaks and valleys of the incredible, awe inspiring landscape of New Zealand and Australia, but more important, I learned how to tap into my natural resilience, inner strength, courage and wisdom that each one of us has within.  


After 16 years, I still have a love for New Zealand and Kiwis and plan to settle there one day.


But guess what?


You don't have to take the drastic path I did,  and quit your job and travel around the world to find your way back to you.


Hey, if you've got the resources - great! Do it.


But, if not, you can take steps today to begin the process.


Don’t worry, I’ve got your back and I am wholeheartedly with you on this journey whether you are just starting out and taking your very first step or you’ve been going solo for a while and need some guidance from someone who has walked this path before. 


I'm always learning, but here is some of what's shaped me into the coach I am today.​

BA, Psychology, Syracuse University

ICF Certified, PCC

Certified Daring Way Facilitator, CDWF

Registered Yoga Teacher, RTY200

Advanced Mindfulness Training, Mindful School

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