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What If...

What If...

Several months ago, I participated in a 9-month, online writers' workshop with the brilliant Martha Beck. I think she's just the coolest. She's humble and smart and funny.

Oh, and did I mention she's a life coach, too?

Yup. She's all that and a bag of chips.

I began with total "imposters syndrome" - like I had no business being in a writers' workshop when I'm not really a writer. I mean, nobody pays me for what I write, ergo (I just tossed that in for fun because, apparently, I still need to prove something) I am not a "writer."

Anyhow, I stuck with the workshop and I'm so glad I did. It helped me buckle down and discipline myself to write and showed me a method for, as Martha calls it, "light writing" - which is a style of writing that helps raise consciousness or, more simply, brings light into the world.

This short piece of writing is one of my creations from the workshop.

To me, this speaks to the magic and beauty of the coaching relationship. And, it's why I feel privileged and honored with each sacred conversation.

What If

By Kelley Doyle Snyder

What if I were to say to you…

I see you over there,

In the shadows.

In the space where light and dark blend.

There you are.


But wanting to be found.

What if I were to say to you…


Over here with me,

Into the light where I can see you more clearly.


Into the space I’ve cleared

Just for you.

I’ve been waiting.

What if I were to say to you…

Tell me what’s troubling you.

Let words tumble from your mouth



Acceptance —

The kind cousin to judgement rules here.

What if I were to say to you…

There is a place such as this.

A place where you can step into the space of

Love and


With another

Imperfect human being.

What if I were to say to you…

You think you’re alone,

But it’s not true.

You’ve learned how to rely on yourself,

To take care of things.

Maybe you learned other people can’t be trusted.

What if I were to say to you…

You will feel a bit invisible in this world

Until you trust yourself enough

To be seen by another.

There’s magic in having a witness

To your true self.

Yes, there’s risk involved.

And, yes - it’s terrifying.

But, my dear, so is hiding.

I know because, like you, I hid for so long

Among the dusky shadows.

And I can tell you with certainty —

The aliveness you seek

Can only be yours

When you bravely

Come out of hiding.

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