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Kelley Doyle

Kelley Doyle

Kelley Doyle

You have one precious life.

Don't just live.


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Hello, I'm glad you're here!

I became a life coach in 2002 after a long and meandering search to find true happiness.


See...I had thought if I was hard-working enough or charming enough or fit enough (the list of “enough” is endless), than I’d have the things in life I wanted and I’d be happy.


Instead, what I had was nice things and an emptiness I couldn’t ignore.

In 2001, I reached a breaking point that ultimately set me free and taught me how to access my own inner voice and find my ground to stand on in this world. 

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Rave Reviews

Happy Clients

"I felt like I could really dig into what I was looking to move past...and her having that supportive ear, as well as the discipline to make sure that I follow through with the items that I commit be able to move forward. You really do need someone like Kelley, that is so open, so safe to be able to do that with."

Danni Ortman

"Thank you for always pushing me to reach my full potential…even when it’s uncomfortable. Hiring you has been one of the best decisions that I have made."

Elizabeth Grigg

She not only caters her guidance based on her client’s needs but is also an excellent model of the principles and guidance she offers. Whether it’s in a 1:1 session or a group collaboration, Kelley provides activities to transform vulnerability into strength, to create a culture of authenticity.

Mariann Carter

"It really helped to have an objective party to discuss issues, brainstorm solutions, etc. I think the greatest value I received, though, was a greater appreciation of who I am, and the gifts and unique attributes that I have. As a result, I find that I am more confident, more forgiving of myself and less likely to compare myself to others."

Lori Downey

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